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    Gear Hobbing Machine

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    Lathe Machine

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CDS6150C lathe

Main Parameter: 1.Swing over bed:500mm 2. Distance between centers: 750/1000mm/1500mm/2000/3000mm 3. Spindle bore:82mm

Machine Tool Accessory


cnc gear hobbing machine YK3150

YK3150 series gear hobbing machine is capable of processing spur Gear, helical gear, spline, drum-shaped gear, small taper gear, worm gear, sprocket etc. Suitable for automobile, motorcycle, reducer, agriculture machinery, Textile machinery, hoisting machinery, sprocket, elevator and mining machinery, industry gear processing. 1.Max machining diameter:500mm 2.Max modulus :8mm


Forming Taps

Super micro grain cemented carbide with good toughness and abrasion resistance has long tool life.