YA31160 gear hobbing machine

The model YA31160 gear hobbing machine is capable of hobbing cylindrical spur gear by continious index and axial feeding,as well as worm by radial feeding。The feeding of the worktable is manual. The YA31160 is best suited for hobbing large gear for mine, oil, marine, engineering machinery industries. 1. Max machining Diameter:1600/1300mm 2. Max Modulus:20mm


YA31200 gear hobbing machine

The accuracy is not less than 7 grade by gear hobbing process and 8 grade by single gear indexing. Main motor is DC motor and adopting V57silicon speed control system. 1.Max machining diameter:2000/1650mm 2.Max modulus :20mm


YA31250 gear hobbing machine

The table centering is by means of hydrostatic bearing and press oil supplied through gear oil divider. 1.Max machining diameter:2500/1650mm 2.Max modulus :20mm