Gantry machining center 5-axis double column

1.Gantry structure :Waterproof, dust proof 2.New beam structure:high precision,rigidity,steady 3.Advanced all gear,rigidity spindle : stonger cutting 4. Concentration of hydraulic and lubrication system :conventinal maintenance and repair


Gantry machining center double column

GRU25E SERIES PRODUCTS ARE MOVING CROSS RAIL FIVE-FACE DOUBLE COLUMN MACHINING CENTERS, which has 3 kinds of specifications with 4m, 5m and 6m worktable length. This machine has the advantages of gantry lathe machine foundation frame high rigidity, structure symmetrical, and extraordinary reliability. This machine adopts PRO/E 3D design and the main structure adopts finite element analysis. Through optimizing the structure distribution and reasonable distribution quality to make the whole machine high rigidity.


Gantry machining center LMXH 1622

Gantry type five axis Linkage machining center,In strong rigidity of the framework and the basis of inheriting traditional gantry machine tool structure symmetry, the advantages of strong stability, on the basis of the introduction of international advanced dynamic rigidity design concept, using PRO/E 3 d design, optimization design of moving parts, machine tool main structure adopts finite element analysis. The product is suitable for automobile, mold, aerospace, military industry and other high-end mechanical processing field. CNC Gantry machining center X axis:workbench vertical reciprocating movement on bed along a guide rail; CNC Gantry machining center Y axis:Ram, sliding saddle pieces do left and right lateral movement on the beam along the guide rail; CNC Gantry machining center Z axis:Ram along guide rail do up and down vertical move on Sliding saddle; CNC Gantry machining center A axis:Installed on the C axis do rotation; C axis:Through the screw connection was installed in the slippery pillow as a rotation movement; X,Y,Z,A,C Five axis position feedback standard grating ruler detection,Achieve full closed loop control.